How I lost 20 Pounds within One Year! (11/7/2013)

Before retirement my wife complained about my big belly. I tried different products to lose weight from several companies for years, but no success. I gave up trying, but watch my weight closely in food intake to maintain my weight (170±5 Lbs). I always care about health, but might miss some important health information at that time to lose weight.

After I retired about one year, I realized that I lost about 20 pounds to about 145 pounds, which is being kept for now. Because I did not track my weight routinely, I did not know exactly how long I lost about 20 pounds. At that time I was wondering that I might have health issues. Because my brother told me that at the beginning when he was diagnosed having diabetes problems, he lost weight significantly in a short time, and had problem of itching skin, and his blood glucose level was high to 300 mg/dl. So, I hesitated to publish this article until I checked my blood glucose level before breakfast, which was 85 mg/dl. I don’t feel anything wrong, or any symptoms of any “new” diseases. Now, my weight is about 145 pounds, and BMI (Body Mass Index) is about 22, I cannot expect to be better than that! I believe I lost my weight in the right way.
I like to recall the difference of my life style before and after retirement. Below is what I can recall:

Category BEFORE retirement AFTER retirement
Rest (Sleep) Busy on job, and could not rest according to bio-clock schedule and not for nap either. Follow my bio-clock to sleep around 10 pm, and wake up around 6 am; and take a nap about one hour every day.
Breakfast 2~4 pieces of toasts, or sandwich with grape jelly or peanut butter, and one cup of probiotic milk or regular milk, or soy milk. No meat. Yogurt (6 oz), and/or oat meal mixed with 1~2 spoons of onion-tomato picante, or dried cranberries, or sesames, and/or one banana, or one apple.
Lunch Ate out quite often. Fried fishes, or fried chicken, or fried steaks and some vegetables. The meals usually contained overdosed salt. Gruel of whole grains, like millet, rice, soy beans, black beans, green beans, red beans, etc. mixed with can fishes, or stewed meats, or steamed fishes, and vegetables (e.g. broccolis etc.) treated with boiled water. No or little salt for meal.
Super Ate like dinner, ate out or big meals Similar to lunch but smaller amount.
Other eating style 1. No meals between regular meals
2. Took vitamin complex, vitamin B, C and E daily.
1. Eat out only 1~2 times per month.
2. Eat snacks, or fruits, or yogurt (6 oz) between regular meals.
3. Take vitamin complex, B, C, E and ambrotose daily.
Exercise Almost none, sometime biking to work and back home, or simple exercise like self-massage. 1. House work like mowing lawn and other house repair projects.
2. Self-massage exercise everyday morning.
3. Golfing once a week, but practicing swings at least 30 minutes at home every day.
4. No fitness or gym exercises ever.
Drink Drink water or tea about 2~3 liters daily Drink water or tea about 2~3 liters daily

Experience of losing belly fat: I tested many times: when I ate toasts, or sandwiches, or noodles made from wheat for my meal every day, I can tell my belly became bigger, if switch to rice or whole grains gruel, my belly becomes smaller.

I pulled out my old photos and did comparison to see what happened to my big belly before and after retirement. I retired around the end of March 2012. The photos show I still had big belly in April of 2012. But one year later, my big belly has gone, and stop losing weight to maintain at around 145 Lbs to be perfect BMI value at about 22. At the bottom photo, it shows my belt’s record and roughly the time to stay at big belly weight by the depth of the marks!

jch-1 jch-2 jch-3 jch-4
jch-5 waist-change

In summary, below is the major points to know how to lose weight:

1. No or small amount of wheat-made foods like wheat sandwiches, or toasts, or noodle. Tray gruel of rice or whole grains. Keep daily salt intake low below 3 grams daily.
2. Sleep enough time to follow your body bio-clock. Do you know that your body can burn calories while you are sleeping?
3. Maintain good digestion system, move bowels at least once, but better twice daily.
4. Drink water around 2~3 liters daily.
5. Exercise routinely! No need to do exercise at gym, or fitness rooms to spend hours of exercise to burn calories from your body., but do whatever you like, walking, golfing, table tennis, Tai-chi, etc. at least 30 minutes every day!

I recommend you to read this e-book “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” if you are serious to lose weight naturally and easily. I do not intend to sell you the e-book, but I like its summarized principles in losing belly fat based upon the author’s experience, expertise and research results, which are proved to be correct from my personal experience. Believe it or not is up to you, your choice for your health and your goal!

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