Rules for Healthy Life!

By Dr. Jack Hsu, (6/17/2013)

We are not going to discuss our health due to inherit genetic problems. We are talking about how to maintain our health in the right way. What I believe is [Prevention is much better than treatment for healthy life]! When symptoms of diseases show up, sometimes it is too late for treatment and for recovery! So, We need to find basic rules to maintain our health!

As we discuss before, too many factors affect our body’s health. There is no way to keep our life forever! No matter how hard we do, our body is going to age, and eventually it will die. But what we are pursuing is a happy and healthy life under current health knowledge, and has a happy ending as well.

What is your choice of your future life? Like the Left photo ? or Like the Right photo?

I like the left one having happy healthy life.


The World Health Organization published health statistics report every year (Reference 1). The article of “The Top Five Causes of Death in the United States for all ages” states heart diseases, cancers, strokes, accidents, and COPD or CLRD (Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema) as the top 5 causes of death in USA. However, the top preventable causes of death in US listed in Wikipedia encyclopedia are Smoking tobacco, overweight and obesity, Alcohol, Infectious diseases, Toxic agents, medical errors, Traffic collisions, Firearms deaths, Sexually transmitted infections and Drug abuse. These top preventable causes of death can be classified as life style and safety categories. We are searching for rules for healthy life based on how to prevent these preventable causes of death.

The life styles of lot of people show::

  • Eat or drink (including alcohol and unhealthy drinks) whatever they like every day! They only try to satisfy their 10 cm of tongue, but ignore health of their body until symptoms of diseases show up!
  • Work hard for living overtime quite often; even till midnight or overnight;
  • Play games overtime or overnight; Some young people even die in the game!
  • Drink water so little every day and cause too much trouble in your body such as colon cancer!
  • Worry too much for everything every day; too much stress, depression in work or home; Some even suicide!
  • Work in air conditioning room, but do a little or no exercise daily.
  • Smoke tobacco or drug abuse to release stress, or for other purposes, etc.
  • Injured or died from car accidents because of not following traffic rules…etc.

Nobody can change anybody’s life style but itself. To cherish your life, and to make healthy body and life, the bad life styles must be changed by yourself.

The followings are basic concepts and knowledge to keep a healthier body:

  • Our body is a very sophisticated bio-machine. Every part has its special functions. Every part has its working limitation in frequency or burden per period of time. If you do not watch and take care of them closely, and let them run exceeding their working limits for a certain time, this part may be worn out and irreversibly damaged, which means it cannot be repaired internally or by external ways, then you are in big troubles!
  • Rest is for a longer life! It is definite NOT wasting your time! Overtime working, especially overnight, means torturing your body, and not giving your internal doctor to detox, and recover your body after daily work. Accumulating this kind of torture should exceed your body health limits, and eventually it is damaged. If the damage is reversible, you are lucky because it can be fixed, or you might become seriously sick. So, no matter what we need to follow our biological clock (separate article) for your daily activity. Here is a test: check yourself how you feel: Case 1: Sleep at 11 pm till 7 am next day, and Case 2: Sleep at midnight 3 am till 11 am the same day. The sleeping time for both cases is 8 hours. Case 1 is the healthy way for rest.
  • Everything we take (e.g. foods) or, drink (e.g. alcohol) or breathe (smoking) has more or less toxicity, which means everything has a certain degree of harm to our body! Our liver and other detoxing organs have their limitation to detox whatever the intake toxic ingredients every day. If the accumulated toxicity from the intake exceeds their limitation, the toxic components will be accumulated in your body, and do some reactions to chew up your good cells. Soon and later, cancer or other diseases will occur. So, understand toxicity of each food or drink. Never addict to certain foods or drinks every day, even experts say they are healthy foods! Understand and memorize the toxic foods either from single food or from several combinations of foods!
  • Water is important components for our body’s functions. Our body contains 45~75% of water depending upon our age. Keeping your body hydrated all the time is critical to maintain your mental and physical functioning properly. Lack of water intake may cause a lot of problems, (e.g. colon cancer and kidney and bladder problems, or even causing death). How much water should I drink daily? Many answers for this questions (reference). In summary, we need about 6~12 8-ounces of water (48~96 ounces or 1.35 2.7 liters)daily for adults, for athletes, they need more. Some nutrition experts proposed drinking water daily in the amount of 1/32 of your body weight (For example, if your weight is 160 pounds, then drink water about 5 pounds of water, or 2.3 liters daily). Or, drink water daily in the amount of when your urine is clear! Don’t drink that amount only one time per day, or it is going to hurt you, but split it evenly per day. Do not wait till you feel thirsty, because it is a signal from your body that your body is partially dehydrated.
  • Sunlight is very important to our bones. Sunlight helps our body to generate natural vitamin D, which helps our body absorb calcium for maintaining healthy bone, and build our bone strength, etc.
  • Our body is like our car. It needs workout regularly, or it becomes rusty, and broken! Workout accelerates metabolisms in our body, and helps other organ functions as well. When I do not feel right, I play a round of golf, then I feel a lot better, and recovered.
  • Dr. T. Colin Campbell said in his [The China Study] book: “Diseases are caused by foods……80% to 90% of these diseases can be prevented…” (Reference)
  • Dr. N. Okamoto Yutaka in his [90% of Diseases can be Cured by Your Body] book said: “90% of Diseases can be Cured by Your Body….No need any medicines……” (Reference)
  • Dr. Yukio Mori published a book “Dining Guide for Healthy Long Life” from his researches of 25 countries and 61 places. His book summarized 10 rules for healthy long life (Reference). The first rule is taking less salt (less than 6 grams a day) in daily meals, better in the range of 2~3 grams per day.
  • Smoking tobacco or other contaminated air has tremendous harmful effects on our body. Quit smoking and learn how to protect yourself from contacting the contaminated air. I do not see any benefits of smoking tobacco to our body. It burns your hard money (a good TV or more per year!), and also affect our loves’ health (secondary). One of my relative has been smoking for a long time, his daughter got a lung cancer when she grew up, and die later, my relative died one month later. Smoking tobacco is not only waste your money, damage your health, and affect the health of anybody around you!

Based upon the above health basics and researches, the followings are the rules proposed for healthy body based upon my knowledge:

“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.”-Tom Blandi

A. Life Style:

  1. Take real healthy foods and drinks in the right amount at the right time.

    • Take real healthy foods:
      Always update your health knowledge through web searches. Because the medical and nutrition technology is being continuously advanced, so yesterday’s healthy foods may not be healthy today based upon new technology. Apply the information searched from internet cautiously; verify that information first before applying.

      Never addict any foods, but change meal recipes often. And understand which foods are better taken in the morning, or evening, or anytime. For example, ginger is better taken in the morning, not in the evening. If you really want to satisfy your tongue taste feeling like fast foods, you may enjoy these unhealthy foods only once every 2~3 months. The amount of foods taken daily is an important factor to our health as well. For example, taken too much foods containing salt, which exceeding 6 grams per day, you may be in the risk of high blood pressure, and heart attack as well (separate article).

      Because of the nutrition our body absorbed from our foods taken daily may not be enough for the body functions. So we need to take natural nutrition supplements such as vitamins properly daily to make up deficiency of those elements in your body to keep healthy.

    • Drinks:
      Drink water in the range of 1 ~ 3 liters daily depending upon your weight and your activity! Review the information discussed above.

      Drinking moderate alcohol may benefit your healthy, but heavy use may damage your health (Reference). Coffee and tea, etc. are popular drinks. Again, drink it in the right amount for yourself in the right time. For example, my wife cannot sleep well in the night after drinking coffee or tea after 3pm.

  2. Follow your biological clock even after retiring for daily activity including when to sleep and to rest (including when to take a 30~60 minutes of nap), and when to wake up for day time activities. (Tip for sound sleep: turn off all lights in your room while sleeping – the most effective way!)
  3. Follow 3-4-7 rules:
    • Take 3-meals per day: Take good breakfast, eat dinner for lunch, less amount for supper;
    • Do not eat anything within 4 hours before going to bed!
    • Always eat any meal about 70% full, never 100% nor 120% full!
  4. Take at least 30 minutes exercise under sunlight every day, better under sunrise or sunset sunlight, if possible in the park. This is one shot several birds action: absorb sunlight, breathe fresh air, exercise and relax and release stress! Walking, golfing, and Taijiquan are good exercises for all ages.
  5. If you have any symptoms of diseases, talk to doctors to study what it causes the problems, if it is from foods (80~90% probability), change your daily meal recipes, and eating or drinking habits, or your daily activities to follow biological clock! To fix and recover your body damages (diseases) fast, you may need medicines from your doctor to help you.
  6. To fix and recover your body damages (diseases) fast, you may need medicines from your doctor to help you, but after recovery you have to totally change your living habits in eating, drinking, and resting activities to help your body become normal and healthy.
  7. Always set your mindset in happy and positive modes, even when face and treat any problems you may have! Complaints or anger is not going to help you anything but making worse.
  8. If you smoke, try to quit smoking gradually. Quit drug abuse too, if any.
  9. Do not trust only one doctor what (s)he says! Consult more than 2~3 doctors for more opinions about your diseases(s). It is especially true for the cases which require surgery! You make decision, not your doctor!

B. Safety:

  1. Expect the unexpected. Do your homework to make plans how to deal with any unexpected by assuming all cases which may put you or your loves in danger! So, you really know what to do when it comes. Search all possible solutions in the internet to help you. The safety page in this website will publish useful safety information soon as well.
  2. Security and safety are top issues in protecting your family and your properties. Learn how to prevent burglars from breaking into your properties. Learn medical rescue techniques to help your loves or friends, when (s)he needs. Follow traffic rules to avoid accidents, etc.

Wish you living healthier and happier!

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