I am Jack Hsu, ChE. Ph.D. I retired from an oil company in USA as scientist in R&D, and retired from a pharmaceutical company in Taiwan as Chief of Technology Officer. Before we retired I helped my wife build businesses of hair salon, skin clinic, restaurants, and furniture stores in Houston, Texas.

Some of my colleagues and my friends passed away in age about 55. The network news reported many cases about business men, who died young in age around 35. They passed away not because of any accident, but illness. I began to ask “Why?”. My mom died at age of 70 because of the accumulated medicine poisons. So, I have become interesting in health articles since then, and selectively followed good advices to do my best to keep myself healthy.

Of course, there are so many factors affecting our mind to be happy, and affecting our body to be healthy. We know maintaining happy healthy life is a big challenge to us. I am neither a medical doctor, nor a psychological expert. However, the more medical or psychological knowledge we learn, the better we can take care of ourselves. This is the motivation to create this website to share what I know and my personal experience. And hopefully people can share their experience and knowledge as well to help each other to keep us always happy and healthy for a better life, or even save somebody’s life.

The mission of this website is to provide updated, valuable and honest information or products to help people learn or become happier and healthier with the right way.

Our goal is to serve our best to save time of our visitors and to provide information or solutions for their needs.

I believe that if we can make ourselves laughing loudly every day, our body should be beneficial from it. So, this web site includes a [Funny Stuffs] page to provide resources of jokes, funny movies, and others to help us laugh and be happy. Also, a [Coupon] page provides resources of coupons and deals to save your money, and again to make you happy.

The [Safety] page provides resources and my experience about how to protect ourselves from the unexpected, and how to protect ourselves from being scammed to avoid troubles, and losing hard earned money. I worked for a company in Taiwan related to safety issues. So, I like to share with you my experience how to protect ourselves.

The [Books] page provides software programs you need to read ebooks, free ebooks websites to download, and the recommended commercial healthy and safety books, and also presents reviews of popular and useful books either hard copies or e-books related to health and wellness.

The [Home] page presents health articles from my experiences and researches, and provides resources for health advices for your reference.

Any comments or suggestions to improve this website, or sharing with us your experience to help us become happier and healthier are most welcome. Please leave a rely. If you do not like your website being referred to or logo being used in this website, please contact us, so that I can remove it right away. Thanks.

Always Keep Safe, Happy and Healthy to Have Better Life!

From Dr. Jack Hsu (Enjoy my life with my grandsons!)


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