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10 Things not to buy in 2014!

By AnnaMaria Andriotis, MarketWatch (Source)

  1. Cable TV
  2. Landline service
  3. GPS devices
  4. DVD and Blu-ray players
  5. Hotel rooms
  6. Two-year phone contracts
  7. Desktop and laptop computers
  8. Extra legroom in economy
  9. Credit cards with points or miles programs
  10. Digital cameras

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Interesting Books and Programs!

This page includes includes interesting or useful e-books or programs tools to read e-books, health tools free health and safety related ebook websites to help you have a better life!. The information will be updated regularly.

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How I lost 20 Pounds within One Year!

Before retirement my wife complained about my big belly. I tried different products to lose weight from several companies for years, but no success. I gave up trying, but watch my weight closely in food intake to maintain my weight (170±5 Lbs). I always care about health, but might miss some important health information at that time to lose weight.

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Warning From Police



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How to Treat Gout Naturally?

by Dr. Jack Hsu (10/7/2013)

This article is a search related to gout treatments to summarize how to treat gout naturally through natural foods, or other natural means. This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

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How to Survive Heart Attack Alone!

by Dr. Jack Hsu (7/17/2013)

I have two friends died in heart attack in June 2013. One is only at the age of 55! So, I did researches and searches all the related information how to survive heart attack, and included my personal experience to issue this article. Hopefully, it helps save someone’s life when heart attack happens. Your comments or feedback are welcome.
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How to Whitelist in your email account(s)?

by Dr. Jack Hsu (7/31/2013)

A whitelist is a list or register of those that are being provided a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. Only those on the list will be accepted, approved or recognized. Whitelisting is the reverse of blacklisting, the practice of identifying those that are spammed, denied, unrecognised, or ostracised.

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Rules for Healthy Life!

by Dr. Jack Hsu (6/17/2013)

We are not going to discuss our health due to inherit genetic problems. We are talking about how to maintain our health in the right way. What I believe is [Prevention is much better than treatment for healthy life]! When symptoms of diseases show up, sometimes it is too late for treatment and for recovery! So, We need to find basic rules to maintain our health! Learn more at [Rules for Healthy Life].


What is Biological Clock? How It Works?

by Dr. Jack Hsu (6/1/2013)

Our biological clock controls our daily circadian rhythms to conduct our body’s daily activities, such as when to wake, to sleep, to eat, to drink, to release liquid or solid wastes from out body, to conduct functions of organs in our body, such as body temperature, blood circulation, heat beats, physical energy, mood, memory, woman’s period cycle, producing hormones, enzymes, metabolisms, detoxing cycle, etc. Our biological clock is also known as clock genes, is controlled by suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of brain hypothalamus. The SCN is responsible for controlling circadian rhythms. The neuronal and hormonal activities it generates regulate many different body functions in a 24-hour cycle. Learn more at [What is Biological Clock?]


How to Make Healthy Onion-Tomato Salsa

by Dr. Jack Hsu (6/18/2013)

Let me introduce a homemade healthy and yummy food: Onion – tomato salsa. First let’s look at the nutrition and medicinal properties of onions and tomatoes. Learn more at [Onion-Tomato Salsa].


Benefits and Features of The Truth about Six Pack Abs Program

By Dr. Jack Hsu, (6/1/2013)

I read and studied science background of Mike Geary’s The Truth about Six Pack Abs program and his articles, newsletters (subscribed), results from customers’ testimonials, and popularity of this program. I bought one copy of The Truth about Six Pack Abs Package for all my family members to work on achieving our goal: Lose belly fat to keep us lean and healthy. I am still constantly receiving Mike’s valuable newsletters to keep my family healthy and reaching our goal. The followings is a summary of my review of this program.

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Benefits and Features of The Yeast Infection No More Program

By Dr. Jack Hsu, (6/1/2013)

After searches and studies, I bought the “Yeast Infection No More” program for all my family members to benefit from the secrets, not only to prevent yeast infection, but also keep ourselves in healthy and happy life. I reviewed the “Yeast Infection No More” program, and we are following its instruction to prevent yeast infection. The followings is a summary of my review of this program.

Learn more at [Free Yeast Infection].


Cherish Your Life for Your Dreams!

by Dr. Jack Hsu

We knew the story of Helen Keller (1880~1968). She was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. She was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. I like her quotes:

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” And,

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller.

And more examples of the handicapped people how to fight and cherish their life can be seen in YouTube website. Just name a few below:

Never Give Up in Life – A Truly Inspirational Video

See How Pauline Victoria Lives With No Arms and No Legs

Speech of Nick Vujicic – A man with no Arms and No Legs

We need to learn from them how to cherish our precious life for your dreams, and conquer any life barriers to get your dreams! Never give up! They can do it, we can as well.

“Man’s dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once..”– Nikolai Ostrovsky. Our life is the most precious, priceless treasure in our entire life but is only given once. Cherishing and protecting our life are the most important obligation in our life!

My mom spent nine months of pregnancy and delivered me under really painful delivery process at risk of losing her life. I was lucky; I was born safely, and started my life at that moment. I grew up under my parent’s umbrella till going to graduate school. After graduation, I found a job in an oil refinery in Taiwan, worked for several years, then moved to USA to pursue Ph.D. degree, and worked for an oil company in USA until I retired at 60. I moved back to Taiwan to help my brother’s pharmaceutical company. I retired again at 65 and moved backed to USA. So far, I am still healthy and happy as well. This is a normal standard life style as most of normal people do. I had dreams when I was young. I studied hard and work =ed hard to pursue my dreams, in the meantime, I am well taking care of my health as well. I do cherish my life for my dreams, always!

I saw my colleagues and friends died young at age about 55! I heard of many high level of business (wo)men died young at age about 35! We are not talking about dying of natural disasters, or genetic diseases, but normal life. The statistic data of diseases shows that the cancers move to and are kept at the first place of dying causes in the last ten years! Why?

Do you know that our parent give us a normal life, and also accompany a natural medical doctor (internal doctor) to protect us, and to recover our body to the normal conditions every day? However, if we are torturing our body to exceeding its limitation, and make too much trouble that our internal doctor does not have time or capability to fix and recover our body in time, soon and later, we’ll get sick. Then, we need the external doctors to help fix it. So, how to cooperate with our internal doctor to maintain our healthy body is a critical part in our entire life.

We know our body has several “ports” to connect to and has skin to contact the outside world. They have different functions such as eating, drinking, breathing, reading, and hearing, and sensing etc. Our skin is able to detect the environment conditions and send signals to our brain for proper actions to protect our body. To understand what causes illness we need to understand where our body is contacted and affected from to cause different kinds of diseases. Any wrong foods, dirty air, any contamination contacts and overdone activities on our body, etc. may cause our body out of balance so much that our internal doctor is unable to control or recover our body, then our body shows symptoms of diseases, a signal to let us be aware and to take action to fix it immediately. So, it is important to study what kind of foods, or drinks are the right ones, and good to our body, how to prevent breathing dirty air, any contamination contacts or any germs or toxic stuffs to contact our body, etc. Prevention is much more effective than treatment to keep us healthy!

Our body consists of 40~100 trillions of cells. It is so sophisticated and complicated that our existing medical sciences or technology still cannot fully explore and fully understand how our body works, becomes ill, ages, and dies! The same is true for diseases generated from our body. But there is a great deal of health and medical information or products to help us keep healthy. Although there are no perfect healthy solutions, the advanced medical technology has been applied and extending our life longer than before. The medical technology is advanced from knowledge accumulation worldwide from research and development, etc. I think contribution of everybody’s health experience from our past life is important for advancing health knowledge to help ourselves and our next generations. Even though our contribution is so little, but it helps.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell said in his [The China Study] book: “Diseases are caused by foods…, 80% to 90% of these diseases can be prevented.” (Reference)

Dr. N. Okamoto Yutaka in his [90% of Diseases can be Cured by Your Body] book said: “90% of Diseases can be Cured by Your Body…,No need any medicines…” (Reference)

Dr. N.S. Shu, a neurosurgeon, published a book “Thanks God, I survived!” to describe how he survived from a serious colon cancer. He changed his meal recipes, changed his daily activity schedules and did special exercises, etc. Now, he teaches cancer people how to deal with the related cancers. (Reference)

Tons of evidences demonstrated that taking the right foods at the right time at the right amount in our daily life is the important rule to maintain our healthy life. It is unbelievable that a lot of people rather choose to satisfy their tongue (only about 10 centimeters long) than their body health, and eventually cause different kinds of diseases!

Additionally, we cannot neglect the importance of our mental effect on our health. Depression, stress, negative mindset, or psychological problems will definitely affect functions of all parts of our body to out of balance conditions, and cause diseases, or even suicides. This is why keeping happy, positive mind every day is so critical and helpful to our health.

In addition to taking care of our health, we need to know how to expect the unexpected! Safety and security issues are critical to our life as well. We need to learn the tricks of being scammed through emails, phones, credit cards, etc. to avoid losing our hard earn money and to prevent frustration in our life! And also we need to learn the safety related lessons such as how to avoid falling from stair, being robbed, etc. to protect your life.

Our life is so precious, so invaluable, and only given once! Remember how tough, how painful our parent gave us our life, and raise us! We have to do our best to well protect our life for our dreams and to reward our parent, to respect them, and take care of them as well when they need us!

Always keep happy, healthy and safe to cherish your life for your dreams, and to enjoy your life for yourself, your loves, and your parent!


More articles related to health, psychology and safety will come soon!
From Dr. Jack Hsu

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